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TaniaCoopeAs a young child I was always connected with the spirit realm, my psyche was wide open and I connected daily with the elemental realm being protected at night by a female black panther who came in every night to sit at the end of my bed. My parents could not explain what I was experiencing and through fear of some of the experiences I had I shut my psyche down. Following the birth of my 5 crystal children who were all born with their psyche open, I had to conquer that fear I felt as a child and my psyche reopened.

Kuan Yin image of buddha , Wood carving in a thai temple.About 6 years ago one of my children was very sick with an unexplained illness that meant she couldn’t walk and was constantly collapsing, the doctors had no answer so I sought an alternative method of healing to help. This was when I came across Transference Healing, I watched my child transform overnight following a healing to make a full recovery and I decided that my path lay with this miraculous healing modality. I have spent 6 years working with this beautiful heart based healing modality and my life has changed beyond all recognition. I am now a teacher and a Mystery School graduate having completed Mystery School 1,2 and 3 in the last 2 years. The sacred teachings have reconnected me with the Essene lineage that I am connected to and have reawaken gifts and talents that lay dormant in me. My biggest gift from working with Transference Healing has been the opening of deeper chambers of my heart so that I run my consciousness from my heart rather than the ego consciousness that I lived in for many years. My life is filled with joy and happiness and I feel peace for the first time in my life. My journey has been one of empowerment through the karmic relationships that I chose so that I could learn the lessons of self-worth, the last lesson took 16 years to learn so I can relate to anyone else on that same path, its not easy and its not meant to be.

It is my total honour to be of service to humanity and spirit to bring light, joy and hope to the planet.

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