Whats really important for 2017 from a Crystal Childs point of view

Find out what's really important through the eyes of a Crystal Child for 2017 - ...
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See what’s in store for you and your Crystal Child this October

Welcome to October and the month ahead for you and your Crystal Children The month started with the energy of the Black Moon and Lillith the deep creative feminine energy ...
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Its Kiss A Friend Day !!

Time to kiss your friends and tell them you love them ! Spread the love xxx Please enjoy these funny photos of us all sharing the lerv ! ...
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The Power of Words

It is through the throat chakra that we express our sense of self out into the world, when we are not expressing our truth through thoughts, words and deeds then ...
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Is Your Crystal Child Communicating with Other Worlds and Dimensions?

Many parents today are finding that their children are displaying signs of extra sensory-perceptions that they themselves don’t have and are finding it hard to cope with. These Crystal ...
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The Growing Pains of a Crystal Child – Part 2

The Crystal Children at the moment are clearing a lot through the glandular system as they are lifting the density and negativity from the planet! No small task that they've ...
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The Growing Pains of a Crystal Child

Following my recent Crystal Children's Mass Healing, I felt compelled to write about the role these amazing beings are playing in our life this month. Their presence etherically in my ...
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