Child of Light

ChildofLight_TemplateAn excerpt from Alexis Cartwright’s book Beyond Doorways, The Mysteries Revealed…

“Crystal Children embody our new and more enlightened chapter of spiritual evolution. With ethereal vision, they see with eyes untarnished. They retain the memories of home and of their true enlightened forms. They live among us, guiding and leading us into a state of enlightenment.

As these souls incarnate onto the planet, the world is experiencing a massive influx of higher and purer energetic frequencies. These children are anchoring light onto the planet, shifting us in consciousness and moving us toward the Light. They are breaking down our paradigms, and are transmuting pain, fear and the need for separation. They share love and light with all.

Through the wisdom and clarity of unveiled eyes, they see humans and the Earth as they truly are. Crystal Children create a healing impact on the souls they touch; those who are prepared to see, and those who are seeking spiritual truth. With clear and crystalline perception, these souls will forever alter our consciousness. They are instrumental to our evolution through the fifth dimension”


websitechildoflightfairyFrom 1999-2012 the energetic crystal grid of the earth commonly referred to as the ley lines shifted in frequency from a 3rd to a 5th dimensional frequency and the core tone of the earth also shifted from an F to a G creating a shift in the heart of humanity.

The new grid of the earth finally anchored on 21/12/12 the start of the new Golden Age of Aquarius on Earth. We have entered an incredible phase in the history of humanity where we will all reawaken our spiritual selves, connect with our higher selves and live in a state of universal connected consciousness living a path of love from our hearts. It is a truly magical time for us all.

 We refer to all children born since 1999 as Crystal Children, though there were some born before this time and a few as far back as the 1960’s who came here to pave the way for the new Crystal Children that were to be born, to hold a space on the planet for them. These children were born with a 5th dimensional energetic template completely sustained by the new fifth dimensional grid of the earth, they are uniquely attuned to energy, light and crystals. Due to their enlightened consciousness they see, sense and feel on a heart level, they are more attuned to vibration and frequency, allowing them to co-create consciousness through the use of extrasensory perception. They hold more light and therefore respond more effectively to sound and light technology.. They see and feel their interdimensional reality and live a spiritually elevated consciousness. Though their minds are more universally and cosmically expanded, they feel a deep connection to nature. Since they were born, these children have been living in a world that is only now beginning to create itself..


All children can be collectively referred to as Crystal Children, but some of them display the distinguishable attributes of Indigo and Star Children. Some of the attributes adults may find they relate to also as aspects of their inner child. Those who relate to these attributes are awakening to their destined evolution.

crystalstarchildrenCRYSTAL (STAR) CHILDREN

Crystal Star Children often seem disinterested in socialising. They tend to refrain from prolonged interaction with others can often appear quite detached from the world around them.

Although they are emotionally sensitive, their relationships with others tend to be founded on their spiritual and intellectual nature. Crystal Star Children have a unique intelligence, they utilise both hemispheres of the brain in such a way that they see things from a perspective that unifies the spiritual and scientific. They love to delve into the mysteries of the Universe form a scientific perspective, as well as from a spiritual one, and have a unique ability to understand and rationalise intuitive knowing.

These children are usually stimulated by the search for knowledge, they hold a special interest in ‘space’ or the Universe, and are more energetically impacted by cosmic activations and events. They truly seek to understand the meaning of life and will ask questions like, “Where do we come from?”, “How was Earth created?” etc.

Star Children are very open in their third eye chakra and are quire clairvoyant. They have and intuitively heightened level of sensory perception, and often being channelling at a very early age. They are very skilled at channelling information that comes from lightbeings, and from the holographic realities and dimensions that coexist with Earth.

– Alexis Cartwright © Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed


crystaldolphinchildrenCRYSTAL (INDIGO) CHILDREN

The term ‘Indigo Children’ refers to those born with psychic gifts, especially with regard to clairaudient and telepathic abilities.

These children utilise their throat and third eye chakra in a unique way, creating or opening different levels of intellectual perception and awareness. They are stubborn, sensitive, loving, courageous and very unique in nature.

The consciousness of Crystal Indigo Children is inherently bound to their psychic gifts. Their intelligence reveals itself in very unique ways. In other words, these children tend to be guided less by their rational mind, and more by the creative and emotional aspects of their consciousness.

It is common for Crystal Indigo Children to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). While these disorders can be indicative of genuine behavioural symptoms, we believe that a large portion of those diagnosed with these disorders are children who have an extreme sensitivity to the Earths changing grid, which can cause mild imbalances in their intellect and emotional body. In these cases, behavioural therapy and frequency-healing can be beneficial, rather than relying solely on the prolonged use of stimulant medications. Milder lightbody symptoms, such as dyslexia and symptoms that manifest in the through, middle ear and pineal gland, can also appear in those with Indigo attributes.

Crystal Indigo Children are telepathically open and tend to attune to different frequencies of sound. Sometimes this can cause them to feel disoriented and overwhelmed, making them very ungrounded. These children can also manifest hearing and communications difficulties. This is not always indicative of a physical disorder, but rather a psychological and emotional sensitivity to sound. Working with sound is important to their learning and their degree of centeredness.

Indigo Children energetically respond to the way you feel and are very sensitive to the lightbeings that interact with our world. When they are manifesting ungroundedness and symptoms related to hearing, it is important that they feel your stillness, patience and love, while at the same time your strength and faith (in you, them and the Universe). This allows them to remain balanced and to navigate the boundaries of their extrasensory perception.

Listening to dolphin and whale sounds has a soothing effect on Crystal Indigo Children. Other tools that use the medium of sound are also useful, such as reading aloud to your child, and working with meditations such as The Child Of Light Mediation CD. Through sound, Crystal Children who show Indigo attributes can heal the soul, and feel safe and centred.

– Alexis Cartwright © Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed



While Star and Indigo children are able to attune to the knowledge and resources of the Earth and Cosmos, Crystal Children hold these resources within them.

This is because they are born with the fifth dimensional template imprinted within their dna and etheric body.

Crystal children are light bearers, they hold pure energy, are very honest, and are compelled to seek truth. These children cannot hide their true feelings in order to protect those around them or to accommodate archaic norms, and can often shy away from people who are suppressed or restricted in their thoughts or behaviour. As a result, those who are connected to Crystal Children are often triggered to clear the pain, insecurity and fear that buried us within the old third dimensional matrix. Being true to yourself, and living by what you preach, will have a resounding impact on the growth of your Crystal Child.

These children hold the flame for spiritual purity and strength, enabling them to innately discern between that which is ‘good’ and ‘bad’. They live by universal principles, trusting their inner guidance and staying true to how they feel, regardless of whether this is confronting to others. These children hold the resources to reveal and clear unbalanced behaviours, thoughts and emotions in others. In this way, Crystal Children are global healers.

Crystal Children are more connected to their heart which is where they run their consciousness from. They are therefore more emotionally open, and are more able to stay true to how they feel, Their strengths, and their vulnerabilities, are always on display. Because they live in a state of oneness with the Earth and Spirit, these children are more humanitarian in nature, and are less judgemental in their perception. They are born with a more unconditional heart.

These children are also more connected to the Earth and the crystals of the Earth, they have a unique attunement to the teachings of Gaia as they run their consciousness through their heart chakra which is orchestrated by the crystalline core of the Earth. They energetically pick up on how others are feeling, and have a strong connection to the kingdoms of nature.

Crystal Children are highly attuned to energy and are impacted by it. It is important that they learn to clear and protect their energy field, either through frequency-healing procedures, or by working with crystals.

– Alexis Cartwright © Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed


You have been blessed with a gift from the heavens, your child chose you as their parents and you can support them in their journey here on the Earthly plane.

Create a clear home environment, avoid clutter and mess, use sage, resin and sprays to clear the energy in a house that can drain your child and you. Child of Light spray is excellent for this.

Use candles safely preferably white ones, 3 white candles burning together hold the most powerful energy to transmute and keep away any negative energies.

website-childoflightcrystalkitKeep crystals around the house and have one next to your childs’ bed. The most powerful crystal is clear quartz and is referred to as the master crystal and works on the mental, emotional, physical and emotional planes sustaining wellness. All children love crystals and we advise that the best way to decide which crystal your child needs is to take them to a crystal shop to let them choose. They and you will be drawn to what you need. Trust yours and their intuition.

Allow your child to feel safe to talk about angels, fairies, people who are in heaven, beings that they can see and hear. Don’t go into fear yourself around it, it’s natural for them to experience these things and when they talk they will be triggering your own psyche and unconscious memories which is perfect.

Your child can often seem wiser than you are, trust them when they tell you that something doesn’t feel right. They can also have amazing insight and wisdom about topics that you know they have not been exposed to at home or school, this is because they have the ability to channel universal knowledge, this is a bit like you going onto the internet to search for an answer, they have an open channel to knowledge held in the universe and they just download it literally ! Listen to what they have to say, you will often find that they are channelling some information for your benefit rather than theirs.

Allow them to talk about their past lives, their memories of these are strongest until about age 7 and from personal experience are fascinating!

Allow them to develop their own personal interests and passions, it is through a passion lead interest that they will find a path to their destiny and purpose.

Encourage them to express their emotions so that painful emotions can be released in the moment rather than stored within the body, and if they need to cry girl or boy then that is a perfect way to release. A good cry for a child or adult is a blessing!

Introduce them to meditation as a way of calming and centring , this will support ongoing wellness in body mind and soul. The Child of Light Meditation Book & Affirmation Cards and the Child of Light Meditation CD (create link to shop product) are excellent tools to support this.

Learn about energy work yourself, The Child of Light workshop enables parents to work with the unique attributes of the Crystal Children teaching them a range of techniques to not only support their child at home but also enables parents to begin a journey of enlightenment by healing inner child pain.

If your child is manifesting physical symptoms you can run the Transference Healing procedures detailed in chapter 4 of Beyond Doorways – The Mysteries Revealed by Alexis Cartwright on them. Ultimately there is no substitute for the healing energy of a full Transference Healing and the Crystal Children usually respond very quickly to the frequencies. In one instance I watched a virus lift out of a childs body within about 20 minutes of starting the healing, it’s incredible and real!

Your Crystal Child will be one of your greatest teachers, they live in their hearts not their egos, they don’t judge, they have great compassion for all beings and don’t understand cruelty. If you as a parent can mirror these things then your relationship with your child will be one of growth and a path to enlightenment.

Please watch this beautiful Crystal Child Adam talking about crystals and how he communicates with them.