A Transference Healing® works with energy, light, elements and matter to create a deep healing response that brings spiritual empowerment. It awakens a universal belief system that works with the many philosophical teachings and healing lineages of our past, present and future. It balances all aspects of self, unites the masculine and feminine principles, and refines our power centre or ego. By assisting us to clear karmic patterning from our cellular memory, it initiates an alchemical healing response within the etheric/physical body, supporting us to integrate the lightbody, raise our consciousness and live a multi-dimensional reality.

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Human beings are not only physical in nature; we are complex multidimensional beings sustained by a geometric, etheric template that regulates the function of our emotional, mental and physical health. At this time our body, consciousness and reality are undergoing rapid transformation. A divinely-orchestrated process of co-creation is enabling us to shift from the third dimensional body to the fifth dimensional Adam Kadmon body and reality. This means that light and physical mass are uniting, enabling us to manifest our lightbody and Higher Self while in Earthly incarnation. In a quantum evolutionary leap we are now able to access, absorb and utilise the profound healing resources of the Universe.

IN 2012 the electromagnetic grid of the planet anchored into a fifth dimensional template. This energetic shift is creating changes within matter. The biochemical compounds within the body have begun a continual state of alchemical transformation, along with the DNA and our most fundamental subatomic structure. As we integrate light, release fear and density, and decode old genetic and past life pain, a symptomatic clearing process is triggered. These lightbody symptoms manifest when we are undergoing alchemical change or a shift in consciousness.

Health will be the final frontier of the ascension process that has now templated into our reality. Self-healing is absolutely vital to our awakening and enlightenment journey. It is by channelling light into the body that we initiate a profound healing. Through it we integrate with our lightbody and Higher Self, and come to live an existence of a higher frequency and reality. Transference healing®, which is a 7th dimensional frequency healing process will assist us to do this.

Transference Healing® does not diagnose a condition by analysing the symptoms of disease. Instead, it looks deep within the etheric patterning of the body and reads it with psychic perception. By tapping into the inner dimensions of your body and consciousness, your Transference Healing® practitioner gains insight into your healing and ascension journey. They are then able to channel the universal resources necessary to facilitate a divinely-orchestrated healing – one that is specific to your own enlightenment process.

Transference Healing® also works with the electromagnetic and magnetic fields of the body. When you work with the etheric body and these magnetic frequencies you reach deep into different levels of vibrational density. This orchestrates healing on the cellular level of the body, so all dimensions of the anatomy can heal themselves. When combined with the guidance and insight that you receive during a healing session, a powerful healing impact occurs.

The source of trauma and pain can be removed from the etheric and electromagnetic levels to the body without physical intervention. The body responds quickly and with ease, preventatively caring against illness. Because the mind and body are intricately connected on a cellular level, Transference Healing® initiates healing, transformation and change in the mind and emotions, as well as the body. With each healing you undergo a shift in consciousness.


Without touching the body your Transference Healing® practitioner will channel interdimensional healing frequencies into your etheric patterning while offering insight into your internal process. The healing that is initiated during this session will continue over the weeks that follow. To support your integration of these healing frequencies your Transference Healing® practitioner will create a therapeutic essence for you to take at home.

Although these sessions initiate an effective physiological healing process, they are essentially a spiritual experience. After a healing you may feel ‘altered’, feel a the release of mild symptomatic pain, undergo a subtle identity shift, or have long-standing issues resolve themselves. You can also feel spiritual intervention in your life, giving you the faith to let go of old patterning, defence mechanisms, and the need for control. As you integrate the healing you can feel refreshed, rejuvenated and reborn. Passion and potential surfaces as you embody new aspects of self.

WhatAndWhoIsItSuitableForTransference Healing® supports healing, personal growth and spiritual empowerment, and is suitable for all ages, conditions and illnesses. It is also suitable for anyone who doesn’t have any illness as a way of maintaining mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance.