Crystal Children Mass Healings


Summer dreamsThis regular once a month absentee healing for your Crystal Child, is a heart based full Advanced Level Transference Healing for the group of children who will be called together etherically into my templated healing room in the Knights Templar town of Marlow where the Mary ley line also runs. Its aim is to support them through the earth grid changes of the planet and to support them to clear lightbody symptoms as they hold the light for humanity to shift into the Golden Age of Aquarius.

The Crystal Children are supporting humanity to awaken,  their 5th dimensional Adam Kadmon bodies are already anchored on the planet.  They have a unique role to play in each of our lives and sometimes struggle with holding a light and space for us and are especially prone to lightbody symptoms. They bring to each of our lives their unique gifts and talents, they show us the meaning of unconditional love and remind us to stay in our hearts.  They are very sensitive to the environment they live in and can be emotionally, physically and mentally impacted by everything they come in contact with.  To support each of them in their journey these once a month absentee healings will help bring you an understanding of what they are experiencing and will give you feedback to help you support them in their precious lives.  It is my absolute honour to support these beautiful Crystal Children with the important role they play for the whole of humanity.

For these absentee mass healings you will receive an mp3 file of each healing which is primarily designed for you as parents to listen to to help you support them, however you may find it helpful to let them listen to them, you would be surprised how wise these souls are.

Ultimately the Child of Light workshop is an excellent way for you as parents to help learn techniques to support your child yourself at home and is also suitable for children age 12 upwards.


  €20 first child and €10 for each subsequent child | BOOKING FORM