Fundamental Training

Anyone can learn to run Transference energy. In the four day Fundamental Training you will receive a profound and lifechanging initiation into the Transference Healing® Diamond Pyramid of Light™ and will be energetically templated and gridded to begin to run the Transference Healing® process. You will be guided through an energetic journey learning how to run the fundamental procedures and channel through the associated transference energies to support a divine healing and ascension process.

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In stepping into a fundamentals training you are not only learning to facilitate this divine technology , you will be learning to create the alchemy in the body needed to support the anchoring of the lightbody. Importantly you will be taking the first step toward self-mastery by learning to heal thyself . In working on yourself you will not only be working on your physical body and your consciousness but your reality as well. You will be shifting and upgrading, creating changes in your reality and initiating and supporting changes in those around you, particularly your immediate family.

The fundamental procedures are the structural foundations for you to begin to master as a healer. You will always run them, no matter how high up in the teachings you go, because it is these procedures that create the alchemy in the human form.

Become an empowered self-healer. Begin your self-healing and self-mastery journey.

  • A comprehensive Fundamentals Manual
  • A complete practitioners Transference Healing® 
  • Lightbody Kit of 77 mother tincture vibrational essences
  • Your Fundamentals Training Certificate of Achievement, signed by and Alexis Cartwright herself.
  • A Graduates presentation CD

 Please refer to the events calendar for our group training events or contact us if you want to arrange a one to one workshop. This workshop is designed for children and adults alike, though we recommend that age 12 is the youngest a child would comfortably sit into a workshop. Remember that as an adult stepping into these workshops you will energetically impacting and clearing the DNA in your genetic line for 7 generations before and after.

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Each workshop has a unique purpose but ultimately all workshops work with the 7th dimensional frequencies of Transference Healing®. Workshops are offered throughout the year and can be run on an individual basis if you can’t find a date and location that suits you.